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10 Reasons to Stop Keeping Your Phone in Your Pocket


10 Reasons to Stop Keeping Your Phone in Your Pocket


With the coming of the smartphone, people have been able to make contacts when they are on the move. They don’t have to rely on the landlines to set up contacts. Sometimes, the people make contacts from the customer sites to the offices so that they can run businesses effectively. This is the reason why people tend to keep the mobile phones in their pockets to handle situations in-situ using phone contacts. In this article, we would be looking at the compelling reasons that force you to keep the these devices out of the body contacts.

1. Mobile phones emit and receive electromagnetic radiations. Hence, it is safe to use them only when you make or receive phone calls. Always keep the telephonic contact to the minimum to minimize the exposure to radiation.

2. You should not touch the mobile device while it is charging. This is because the charging phones emit more electromagnetic radiations that can harm the body.
3. It is not good to keep the Smartphone in the trouser pockets as it might harm the body organs near it – prostate and testes.
4. It is not advisable to even keep the device in the shirt pocket as it might have an impact on the functioning of heart which is nearer to the shirt pocket.
5. Always keep the mobile phone for shorter duration near the body so that the chances of mutation due to the radiation exposure could be minimized.
6. Always keep the mobile device in a cover. This is to make sure that only lesser amount of radiation reaches you. The mobile phone cover filters off the radiation emanating from the device.
7. Never keep the phone near the body while talking to somebody for a longer time. If possible, try to keep it out at some safe place and talk to the person on-line.
8. On charging, the device heats up due to the building up of charge. Hence, you need to keep it away for a while before putting it in the pocket.
9. The fully charged mobile is a source of large amount of radiation. Hence, you need to keep it away from the body for a while so that the amount of radiation emanating from it reaches minimum level.
10. On long keeping this devices in the clothes, the skin near the pocket tends to become allergic, dry and reddish due to over exposure to the radiation. It might even bring in the mutation to the body.

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