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New Tech trends in 2017


New Tech trends in 2017

New Tech trends in 2017


If we ask the question, what makes us human, the diversity of responses we will get will definitely be massive. Different views will emerge, but at the base of every good answer that we give to this question is that what makes us human is our ability to master and conquer the environment. With the industrial age, man’s ability to conquer was enhanced. With bigger machines, the production process was simplified and massive turn out of products was the result.

Information Technology however has marked an advance in man’s ability to conquer the world. With the development of computers, the birth of the internet, the advance in telecommunications and others, we are witnessing a massive development in the world. But man’s needs are Insatiable. The more we conquer, the more we want to conquer. What are trends in Technology that are currently shaping the world?


  • Big data and cloud computing: With the massive volume, velocity and variety of data available in the world, traditional data analytics is limited in its capacity to store or process such data. Cloud computing is the technology that comes to the rescue. Businesses can now have access to large volume of data and store large volume of data on the cyber space without being limited by their own physical system infrastructure. More technology are developing to advance cloud computing like one drive, Azure, Blue lock cloud services, Verizon cloud Salesforce cloud and others. It is expected that this trend will continue in 2017 and continue to impact data analytics.
  • On Demand Services: While there have always been On Demand services personalized to the customer, there have been recent developments that tend to persist. With massive production of mobile apps, almost every service can be demanded on the go. With developments like Uber (which provide a personalized transport service), Zoto (On demand airtime recharge), and Nights bridge (hotel and flight reservation) it is expected that these trends will persist in 2017.
  • Augmented reality and Virtual Reality: With developments like Pokemon Go and Amazon Go, it is expected that there will be more development in AR and VR. With some AR and VR devices in their early stage of development, the trend is expected to continue.


  • Automation and self-service: With Automation in many services especially in the banking industry and marketing, it is expected that more services that require personal contacts will be automated with the expansion in technology especially marketing and data centers. Robotic process automation softwares that automate repetitive and rules based tasks are also trending.
  • Cyber Security: With many security threats hitting the world last year and even early this year with Wanna Cry and Petya, many developments are expected in the cyber security space as massive discussions take place among tech experts.

Technology is definitely here to stay. With the massive innovations that occur every now and then, many more surprises should still be expected. Definitely, man has never conquered his environment like this, and we can only expect it to be better.

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