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Top 10 free software in 2017


Top 10 free software in 2017

Top 10 free software in 2017

You don’t have to break the bank to get superb software. Contrary to what you have always heard, free software can be just as superb as the most expensive one in the market. Here are some of the best software that you can install for free if you don’t have the money to purchase high-end suites.




1. TurnnelBear – Fee VPN

TunnelBear is friendly, fast and makes it extremely easy to guard your identity online. It also makes it easier for you to access any region-blocked content. All you have to do is flick the switch then choose an international proxy. Just like that and all your online activities is going to be re-routed.


2. MusicBee – Music player

MusicBee is everything you need to manage any size of your music collection. Apart from offering you smart tagging as well as hardware optimization for the greatest imaginable playback quality, this software is ideal for streaming all the internet radio stations.


3. Lightworks – Free video editor

Are you are looking for superb video editing software? Well, Lightworks is your best bet. This tool is ideal for making quick adjustment to your clip that you have recorded. It is also ideal for compiling a very high definition film into a great movie that you can readily upload to Vimeo.


4. BitDefender – Free antivirus

BitDefender free edition protects you PC from both malware and viruses at all times. This tool selects and eliminates any latest threats immediately they appear. It is not only easy to use, but it also has excellent detection rates. All you need to do is simply set and let it work for you.


5. Google Chrome – Free web browser


Even though it has been around for years now, Google Chrome is still a head of the game. Compared to other browsers, Google Chrome has no match when it comes to flexibility and ability to support various platforms.


6. WPS Office Free – Office software

Built with very powerful tools for both spreadsheets, presentations and word processing, this software is compatible with any Microsoft office file format. Furthermore, it features attractive templates.


7. Foxit Reader – PDF reader

This tool allows you to create, edit and view PDFs with minimum fuss. With this software, you can also convert Microsoft Office documents, and any scanned documents because it has a great file compatibility. Its great feature set is built with cloud-sharing, annotations and security options that protects you from any potential security threat.


8. Bittorrent Torrent client

If you are a movie or music fan, then this software is what you must be looking for. In fact, it has all the tools you need to enjoy music, TV and movie. qBittorrent features a built-in media player and search engine, which make it an ideal tool for fast, secure downloads.


9. eM Client – Free email client

Do you have two or more email accounts? If you answered yes, then I bet you are used to juggling numerous browser tabs any time you want to look at your messages. With this tool, you don’t have to worry anymore because it places all your mailboxes in a central location.


10. Panda Free antivirus

This excellent tool offers real-time protection to your computer. It comes with multiple scanning and customization options, and it is able to detect any threats including the latest malware.

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