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Top 5 Web Hosting Services


Top 5 Web Hosting Services

Top 5 Web Hosting Services

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, great web hosting services provides you with support and tools you need to build a site that is professional and reliable at your budget. We did our research and came up with the list of five best web hosting services. Read on and find out more about them.



1. Hostwinds

If you are looking for a feature-packed web hosting service that is robust and has all the tools you require to build a very functional website that is very easy to use, then look no further than Hostwinds. It offers a range of shared and virtual private server as well as robust, WordPress hosting packages that appeal to both big businesses and small shop owners.

This web hosting service has you covered if you are looking for dedicated VPS hosting. In its budget, it has 10 tiers of virtual private server hosting, Windows VPS, Premium VPS, SSD Linux VPS, and SSD Windows VPS offerings.


2. HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is an affordable web hosting service that is extremely simple to use. It offers a range of useful plans for both small businesses and consumers. This web hosting service has reliable VPS packages. What makes HoGator stands out among other web hosting services is its robust shared plans. HostGator is the best bet for novice webmasters because it is extremely easy to use.

This web hosting service offers monthly shared web hosting plans. However, you will have to sign up for at least six months because it pushes for longer terms contracts. This actually saves you a lot because you will definitely avoid month-to-month service.


3. DreamHost Web Hosting

This web host service boasts a long list of features that will definitely satisfy both your business- and personal-related web hosting needs. Built with experienced web administrators in mind, you might find this web hosting service a bit intimidating if you are new to building or maintaining a website. This is simply because DreamHost does not do much of hand-holding. But with the proper site-building skills, you will definitely find the packages of this web hosting services very flexible and appealing.

Its virtual private server, dedicated plans and shared WordPress offers array of options to enable webmasters build flexible, attractive websites.


4. Bluehost Web Hosting

Your business definitely needs a website. However, getting started can give you a hard time. The best solution in this case is signing up for Bluehost web hosting service. Packed with excellent features for businesses that require some hand-holding. This therefore means that Bluehost is the best bet for you if you are a beginner. Furthermore, it also offers a variety of options to experienced website administrators.


5. Liquid Web Hosting

If you are not on budget, and you are looking to sign up for an online web hosting service that is flexible, packed with robust features, and offers top notch customers services, then look no further than Liquid web hosting. It provides quality dedicated and virtual private server packages.

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