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Top Health and Wellness Trends in 2018

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Top Health and Wellness Trends in 2018

Top Health and Wellness Trends in 2018

Well-being continues to become a global movement. People from all walks of life seek to lead healthy lives everywhere they are.

There is a growing awareness among people, and everything consumable is now connected to health and wellness. For instance, sleep is linked to your mental health, beauty and productivity. The food you eat is linked to your stress, cognitive abilities, aging and healthy guts. On the same note, fitness is linked to neuroplasticity, mental ability and physical health.

In short, sleep, food and fitness are the main factors that are shaping health and wellness trends in 2017. In fact, brands in every industry are now framing themselves in health and wellness terms. That said, I have thought it wise to present you with some of the top health and wellness trends or 2017.

  • Fitness festivals

If you have been keen, then I bet you have realised that fitness festivals are becoming very common in almost all countries. Celebrities, political heavyweights, organizations, industries and individuals are taking these festivals very seriously. For instance, yoga continue to gain popularity in every corner of the world. Today, outdoor mass yoga classes in any country or state are now drawing very big crowds. So, expect more fitness festivals and events in your state or country this year.



  • Wellness angle

Tourists and travellers now look for 360-degree wellness. For this reason, new players have joined the enterprising world to offer the much-needed activities and destinations that improves health and wellness. Now, everything is going wellness. In the beginning of the year, new players have set up wellness hotels, wellness showers and wellness holidays and so on.



  • Hyper-personalized healthcare

At-home blood testing is on the rise, and is now bringing completely new dimensions in the health and wellness world. Many people are now tracking their personal health right at the comfort of their homes. While this was preserved only for the rich athletes, the number of people is now using custom blood panels to take control of their own health as well as longevity.




  • Longevity foods

One of the most important factors that influence life expectancy is your diet. The number of health professionals advising people to take more longevity food has significantly grown. These foods improve your heath and help you live a full, extended life. Some of the most trendy longevity foods that you should include in your shopping list this year include black garlic, maca powder, nutritional yeast and turmeric.


  • Phone-free bedrooms

This is a health and wellness trend that you should try in 2017. Your bedroom should be the most calming and peaceful place in your home. To achieve this, you must keep your phone away during bedtime. When you are on your phone just before you go to bed, it will probably put you in a negative state. This will definitely interfere with your sleep. Quality sleep is very important for your health and general wellness. Anything that interferes with it will negatively affect your health.

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